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Sunday, November 12, 2006

WGHS76 30 Year Reunion images

Here are some images from our wonderful reunion event.
The way that this is laid out, should be able to able to pick an image and choose from several different formats for a printed image and have it mailed to you.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on this approach.

*** Click on the "WGHS76 30 Year Reunion images" Link above ***
Once you get to the Kodak web site JUST click on VIEW SLIDESHOW yellow BUTTON

Sunday, October 22, 2006

WGHS76 30 Year Reunion

How cool was that?
What a wonderful, gracious, uplifting experience!

I've gotta sorta "The Big Chill" movie feeling tonite.
...I don't want this to end.

I return to my life enriched.
I am nourished, unconditionally.

OK, I could get all weepy and maudlin pretty darn easy right now.

Seems like a good time was had by all!

Here's "The photo"...the classmates group shot.
The committee members. Major props to the committee members. I hoist my glass to y'all (and you well know that I did...many times tonite) *ask your kids about the "props" thang if you don't git it.
*these pics are the web version. Print versions are forthcoming.

...Can we do this next weekend?


The reunion committee

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday Nite Event was a Huge Success!

What a blast!!!
Thanks to Randy Wilhoit for all the hard work preparing the Johnsonville Brats!
Thanks to High Strung Bluegrass Band for the great music!
Thanks to Ballinger Academy for the decorations and the beautiful room!
Thanks to The Revival Grill...Megan, our waitress and Francis, our Bartenderess and Todd, the floor manager for the fire pit and the heater towers on the patio.

Thanks to all the classmates that came out tonite. It was a beatiful thang!
We really enjoyed the visit from other graduating class alumni, too!

Now, on to the shameless self-promotion.
Dig me with some of the Ladies of WGHS76 *Thanks to Max for being my "wing-man".

Having loads of fun, Charlie

*More pictures and details of the weekend's events to follow
*Thanks to all the committee members for putting together this wonderful event.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Music list for our reunion weekend

OK classmates, it's time to break out your platform shoes and leisure suits!
Our reunion is next weekend.
Here's a list of some of the tunes that I've got lined up for our listening pleasure during the weekend.
I've had a couple of requests and I'm working those into the list.
I'll update as I complete the list.

These are the top 100 Billboard charts for 1972 - 1976.

Click on the Title of this post to see the list.
Use your Back button in your browser to return to the blog.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

WGHS76 mug and stein

Check out these latest offerings.
You don't have to discuss when you graduated from high school.
But, you can still show WGHS pride ...and you can tell them that you graduated in 1976 if you want to...



Friday, September 29, 2006

Updated BEST fit Long Sleeve and Hoodie shirts and the classic black short sleeve

Here's the latest offering of memorabilia for our 30 year reunion!

This Hooded Sweatshirt is really nice. I'm picky about comfort and this one is the real deal; warm, cozy and shows class pride in style. Tommy bought the very first one.

Get your 30 year reunion shirt today and up to 17% of the proceeds go back to the reunion committee for future events.

Click on the links below to order your shirts today!

Here's the latest Gold long sleeve T-shirt with Black lettering.
Patti loved this one and bought the very first one. Very comfy.
This actually may be the shirt that we all could wear to the football game and show solidarity for the class of '76!

This one is my favorite. You just can't go wrong with a black short sleeve t-shirt. Guys look good in it, chicks dig it (did I just go there) and it just says proudly, Hey!, Yeah, I did the 70's...Sure, I don't remember most of it but if I did..then, I really wouldn't have been there; now, would I...come on, I mean, it was the 70' just had be there to get it...know what I mean.

Buy this t-shirt and show everyone that you're pretty darn sure that you lived through the greatest decade of the 20th century!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Golf outing during the reunion event weekend

*From Andy Ralston-Asumendi

Hi All,

I really need a good count of who is goint to play golf!

Below I have listed names I believe are playing or maybe playing. Please let me know if I have counted you and you are not going to play or if you are not on the list let me know that you ant to play. I need to get squared away with the course about how many tee off times we need.

We are playing at the course called Pleasant Ridge. It used to be Bel-Aire.

I hope to hear from some people soon. if you are just coming to hand out beer or clean balls in uniform let me know that too so I can arrange an additional cart!



Andy Ralston-Asumendi
Chris Burritt
Jean Lojko
Ken Mann
Karen Morgan & Husband
Tommy Waynick
Tommy Baker
David Blust
Tim Sapp
Randy Wilhoit

Nick Beeler?

Contact Andy Ralston-Asumendi for details

Monday, September 25, 2006

The next batch of shirts

I'm going to make the type a little smaller.
It seems to be a bit too large on the long sleeve and the sweatshirt. ...Not a problem. I'm gonna bring the 3 shirts to the committee meeting at Patti's this coming Wednesday nite. If anybody wants to buy them, I can sell them to you then.
The long sleeve and the sweatshirt are large size.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Buy This T-Shirt

So, this is what the large size "official" reunion T-Shirt looks like on little ole me.

Buy one and be the first on your block to show off that you graduated from high school back in the 20th Century ;-)*

I'll be a model for the Long Sleeve and the Hooded Sweatshirt in the next couple of days. ...Will anybody do an expose on the plight of middle aged men struggling to keep that runway figure for high school reunion fashion? ...I doubt it but I'll do my best to represent!

Maybe, I can get fellow classmates to model these shirts!!!

Jay, Dude...model the T-shirt in Boxers or Briefs?
...yeah, I went there; Jay, take the bait and run with it

Go Hornets! Charlie

*just in case you can't figure out who the heck this old classmate is:

p.s. if anybody has received this email as unsolicited and does not want to receive future emails regarding our event, please respond and I will delete you from our email distribution list.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Zazzle Shirts for the WGHS76 30 Year Reunion

Here are the latest shirts that are for sale from the reunion committee. A portion of the sell will go to the committee's reunion fund. Buy one of each and wear them during the weekend of events!

Click on the link below the shirt to make your purchase:

Go Hornets!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

re: Question about payment

A comment/question was posted on the Blog about payment for our reunion.

The committee hopes that everyone will attend all activities during our reunion weekend. However, we understand that it may not be possible for some alumni.

The flyer was setup to indicate that if you were coming to the Saturday nite event, $40 was the cost. If you can't make the Friday nite festivities, you still gotta pay $40 to get in Saturday nite.

Here's a breakdown on where your money's gonna go...

Here's the deal

The payment of $40 (please get it in before the end of September) pays for the following:

*The condiments that we'll be providing for anybody that wants to eat Johnsonville Brats and dogs Friday nite before the game. The Academy and it's facilities and the preparation of the Johnsonville "good eats" are free!

*The High Strung Bluegrass band that'll be playing before the game and after the game

*The banquet room Saturday nite

*The buffet dinner Saturday nite

*Miscellaneous overhead that the committee has incurred regarding materials for communications to the alumni and other office-type stuff required for bringing this whole thing off.


We're not asking anybody to pay anything if you're just gonna show up Friday nite.
If you wanna go to the Homecoming football game, you'll wanna cover the cost of your ticket. So far, we think that it's about $5.00.

So, if you're only gonna make the scene Friday nite, it would be great if you could chip in.

We figure that we can make a really great reunion experience without charging everybody and arm and a leg. $40 is the bare minimum funding for pulling this thing off.

We don't want anybody to decide not to come because they're confused about payment. Keep in contact and we'll clear it all up.

Does this info help?


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Having fun with the sounds of 1976

Poking fun at one of the best songs of 1976


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mail in your money for the Reunion Events! WOW! it's getting close

Hey Patti, I'll give you my money at the next committee meeting.

That's a good point for the tri-fold mailer...asking for a count on how many guests/family will be attending the cook-out/tailgate party. I'll finish up the text for the mailer over the Labor day weekend.

Tommy is working on some text for the mailer that will go out for the Teacher invitation.

Also, I'm thinking about making up a logo or something like that for some T-shirts, ballcaps, etc. for our 30th reunion. I can create a CafePress storefront online like:

I'm looking into Zazzle, also. They make good T-shirts from personalized designs and have a quick turn around...usually 2 to 3 days, tops.

Anybody got any ideas for a catchy T-shirt?

WGHS Class of 1976
You had to be there
30th Reunion Party

...feeble attempt but you get the idea.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Announcement for our 30th high school reunion Oct.20-21 2006

Hi WGHS76 alumni,

Here's a quick update on the latest developments regarding our reunion
weekend of October 20-21:

There will be a tri-fold announcement mailed out in the next couple of
weeks with these details.

Hotel Accommodations
Out of Towner Alumni can get a room at the Clarion Hotel in Greensboro
on Swing Road right off Interstate 40 at the Guilford College exit.
Mention that you are a WGHS76 Alumni and you'll get our special rate of
$109.00 for a Single and $125.00 for a double.
Our event happens during the week of Furniture Market and A&T's
Homecoming so rooms will come at a premium. We got a great deal at the
Call them at: 336-299-7650 BEFORE September 21 to reserve your room.

Friday October 20
Friday evening event before the football game
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Ballinger Academy (next to WGHS)
Food and Drinks provided by the committee "featuring" Randy Wilhoit and
his fabulous Johnsonville Brats cooker.
We'll have:
Johnsonville Brats and hot dogs
buns, condiments and sodas
BYOB or anything harder
Live music provided by the High Strung Bluegrass band

*I know these guys and have heard them play and they're a lot of fun!

This is Homecoming weekend and I'm trying to get details on who we're
gonna Sting! on the gridiron ;-)

Please be prepared to pay your own way into the stadium.
However, we do think that we've got a section reserved for us.

Post-Game Activity
A gathering of the alumni at the Revival Grill from 9:30pm - 11:00pm.
Revival Grill is in the back of Quaker Village.
...OK, let me take you way back...the physical location used to be a
little post office and then it was a branch of Choosey Mothers Foosball
We've got the bar area at Revival Grill and the patio reserved for us.
Also, the High Strung Bluegrass band will be setup on the patio for
some acoustic "back porch" music.
This will be a great time to network with classmates, have a few
drinks, find out if she/he still has a thing for you or if it really
was just a high school crush...
The idea for this event is for Alumni to connect up again. If you wanna
bring a spouse or significant other, that's cool.

Saturday October 21
We're still working on getting a Golf outing together.
If anybody wants to help plan other Saturday morning/afternoon
activities just let any of us on the committee know and we'll get the
word out.

"The big event" Saturday Night October 21
The Clarion Hotel on Swing Road (real near Western)
Casual dress
...come on, this is our 30th, we just wanna hang out
6:00pm - 11:00pm
Register at the door to our banquet room
Social event: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Buffet Dinner: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
*huge salad arrangement for vegan/semi-vegans/meat eaters, and plenty
of beef and chicken
Announcements and recognition of our classmates: 8:00pm - 9:00pm
let's PARTY!!!: 9:00pm - 11:00pm
*We don't need no stinking DJ. It's an iPOD, some speakers and tons o'
70's music with splashes of other tunes during the evening.

Here's the catch. There's always a catch.
But, We've made it really EASY!
So, drum roll please...
Here's the deal,
If you wanna do this whole weekend event and I know you do...No Snakes
On This Plane!

You gotta pony up $40 per adult before September 30, 2006
After that date, send us $45 and you're still in!

Send us your money before the end of the first date and your name is
entered into a raffle for a Johnsonville Brats Gift Basket

Make your check out to:
And mail it to
3937 Newport Court
High Point, NC 27265

(That's Patti's house)

*NOTE: Would anybody like to pay via PayPal?
I can setup an account that will go into our Alumni Fund.

I think that's about it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

If you see that an alumni's email address hasn't been included please
let me know so that we can update the list.

WGHS76 Reunion Committee

p.s. This'll be up on the Blog and the Google Group
Google Group:

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I've created a GOOGLE Group for us, too.

That means that we have a much more dynamic way of communicating with alumni that have Internet email addresses. I've added the core group on the committee to the Google Group so that can receive email, for starters. We can expand that list as this progresses.

The idea being that I can update the BLOG and get an email out to everybody immediately. The Google Group can stand as a Chat Room / MailBot / Listserv (basically, we can post up our thoughts amongst any and all alumni that choose to join the Google Group and the chatter can carry on in the Google Group).

I'm just starting this tonite and it may sound a little confusing as I'm trying to whittle down the whole process so that it's efficient, timely and easy!

Here's an excerpt of what I just posted in the Google Group. You should have gotten an email from Google Group on this. It's late and I'll work out the details tomorrow if there are issues with this process.

Let me know if you got more than one email about the following...the idea is that you should have for this first test:

### LATEST information ###
The contracts have been signed for the Clarion!
We've got nine rooms at a great rate for Out Of Towners.
The banquet room for Saturday night has been secured.
I've got a line on 2 bands for Friday night.
One could be used for Saturday night.
Details to follow.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Reunion Committee meeting #4

We've gotten a good deal with the Clarion hotel for our Saturday night event.

We're checking out the menus and working out the details on setting up the room.

Here's a link to the Clarion hotel in Greensboro:

We're working on an exact figure for the cost of Dinner and the use of the meeting room.

We're planning on offering a full meal in the meeting room and activities from 6:00pm until 11:00pm.

This event will be held on October 21, 2006.

The Clarion has hosted other WGHS alumni events.
Also, the Clarion will have completed a 1.5 million dollar renovation to the hotel before our October event.

We'll make the final decision on a menu, draft the next "save the date" post card to mail out with details on the Saturday night event and the cost per person.

On another note: Who's got the memorabilia and table dressings from the 25th reunion event that we had at Ballinger Academy? The committee has been trying to figure out where that stuff went to...we developed the film in all the disposable cameras that we placed on the tables but so far, all that stuffs missing. Please let us know if you have that stuff or have an idea as to who might still have it.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

WGHS76 committee meeting #3

We had an address labeling party at Patti's last nite. Patti, Michelle, Jimmy, Andy and myself setup an assembly line at the kitchen table and labeled about 125 gold postcards to mail out to everybody that we had an address for. *Thanks Wendy, Randy and Kitty for the address labels and stamps.

We're still checking out a number of venues for hosting the big Saturday night event.

The email address is up and running.

When you get the gold postcard please use that address email to respond. We want to keep postage costs down. We wanna use eMail / Blog / Web site as much as possible for communicating.

More info to follow!

Monday, June 26, 2006

last minute tweaks to the post card to alumni

Well, there were some last minute augmentations to the text that will be on the postcard to alumni for the first announcement about the reunion.
Here's the text as it will go to press:
Western Guilford High School
Class of 1976
30th Reunion Announcement

October 20-21, 2006
Kickoff Event:
TAILGATE PARTY before Homecoming game
(more events information to follow)
Please let us know if you'd like to attend:
3937 Newport Court, High Point, NC 27265
Can you help us find lost alumni?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

WGHS76 Reunion possibilities

Mignon reminds us that the Clarion hotel at the intersection of I-40 and Guilford College/Jamestown Rd (Swing Road) gave us a deal for our Alumni event last time. We need to check that out for the 30th.

Can someone check out that hotel and secure a discount rate for our visiting alumni during our reunion weekend?

Randy Wilhoit, so far, is gonna bring up a JOHNSONVILLE vehicle, cooker, tent and a bunch of Brats, Weiners and Patties for the Friday nite Tailgate party. That's supposed to be an augmentation to the Bring Your Own TaliGate experience.

...How very Cool is that!!! Randy, please let us know about your latest adventures. And, we dig the addition to the Friday event!

Here's an interesting twist:
I've gotten some interest from some local musicians that wanna play at the Friday nite event. I'm working on getting Beaconwood to play for us. These guys have played at MerleFest. They're local boys. There's another group that wants to play for about 30 minutes but those details are in process.

That's it so far.

This reunion is starting to really feel cool!


p.s. I've got my iPod strapped on as I type this...Here's where it getting really cool...I'm listening to: BLUES IMAGE's song, RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE.

...Slow dancing at a Sock Hop in the old gym at the elementary school bring back memories???

feeling kinda old and tired,

WGHS76 Reunion Committee meeting Updates

The latest ideas are as follows:
Class reunion party - October 20 - 21 2006
Friday Night
5:30 - 7:30
Tailgate party at Ballinger Academy (across the street from WGHS)
All WGHS Alumni, family and friends welcome
9:30 - last call
The Revival Grille social event
Alumni only *(unless spouces, significant others that wanna hang as we go into the nitty gritty details of life as a teenager at WGHS in the '70's...Yes, you've been warned! Needless to say, somebody is gonna have a "Sweet Emotion" Aerosmith story or two to tell...)

Saturday day
...working on some ideas - can anybody add value by working out the details?
Another Golf Outing, Bowling, Luncheon, walker stroll around Four Seasons Mall (that was a joke, kids)

Saturday Night
We're remembering that we all liked the more low key event.
The committee is considering possible venues for an appropriate venue for our more formal Reunion meeting. Please let us know if you have any ideas for all us of getting together this 30th reunion.

We're working on getting a post card in the mail to every classmate that has a last known good mailing address.
Here's the text of the post card that will go out sometime this week...or so:

Western Guilford High School
Class of 1976
30th Reunion Announcement

When: October 21 - 22 2006
Beginning with a WGHS76 sponsored
TAILGATE PARTY at Ballinger Academy before Homecoming game
More information to follow
Please let us know if you'd like to attend
mail: WGHS76, 3937 Newport Court, High Point, NC 27265
Please help us find alumni by providing Address correction or email address

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Submission of our site to and general Updates

Information updates

Gaining exposure:
I just submitted a request to have our blog added to the list of local bloggers at http:\\
That site is a very active blog aggregator for local Triad bloggers. It'll take a week or so before my request to be processed. Check out the site regularly to see when our site gets added...Good local news and information content, too.

I'm in the process of completing something along the lines of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for local media to use to inform the public about our reunion event. I'll be able to get something off to WQFS 90.9 FM, Guilford College radio before the first broadcast of the PSA which I hope will be next Sunday morning on the "Sunday Morning Rehab show" from 10am - 12pm. Hosted by our own David Butler WGHS class of 1973.

Initial efforts to secure resources and sites for our reunion weekend:
I talked to some of the staff at The Revival Grille and it should be no problem to hold a social get-together of alumni after the ballgame at the Grille. I'll formalize getting the bar area and/or the banquet room reserved as soon as I can catch up with Todd or Mark. *Andy may have already secured the space. We'll sort this out by the end of the next meeting this coming Wednesday nite.

Suggestions, misc. updates, etc.:
Jay wants the blog to be a little brighter so that the words are easier to read.
Seems like a good idea. Working on that.

I'm working on creating a portable Windows Outlook email Distribution list of all of our contacts. ...what a drag that little task is but it'll bd good. I'll talk to Wendy about this. She may already have this done.

Jeff is suggesting that we contact a local hotel to see if we can get discount rate for out of town visiting alumni for the Homecoming weekend. Seems like a stellar idea. Also, seems like we did something like that last time. Anybody know how to do that and would be willing to take on that task?

That's about it for today.

Go hornets!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

RSS Feed for WGHS76 blog

By the way, if you use something like MyGoogle ( or an RSS Feeder you can get up to the minute info from the blog.

Just use this link to add to MyGoogle or your RSS Feeder:

Just having fun with the blog,

The Next WGHS76 committee meeting

Hi Alumni,

If you'd like to attend the next meeting, just let somebody that made it to the first meeting know.

We plan on meeting again at:

Patti (Pleasants) Boone's house
June 14 Wednesday evening
7:00pm - whenever we get done (usually about an hour or so)

Please Comment in this blog with your email address
just send one of us an email and we'll get you directions to Patti's house.

Go Hornets!

Monday, June 05, 2006

WGHS76 Reunion committe's first meeting

The following alumni for the Western Guilford High School class of 1976 met at Patti (Pleasants) Boone's house Sunday night June 4, 2006:
Patti Boone, Tommy Heldreth, Michelle Hunter, Andy Ralston-Asumendi, Charlie Heavner

We are planning to have a 30th reunion event the weekend of October 20-21, 2006.
Where: Greensboro, NC (near Western Guilford High School)
When: October 20 - 21, 2006

Tentative schedule of events

October 20, Friday night:

Pre-football game
BYOFandD Tail-gate party in the field of the Ballinger Academy next to WGHS.
(WGHS76 Alumni, family and other alumni invited)
Go to Alumni reserved seating at football stadium

Post-football game
meet at The Revival Grille for socializing on patio and banquet room
(Alumni only, from any year)

October 21, Saturday day/night:

Day - Golf outing at The Cardinal or Forest Oaks or To Be Determined course

Night - 30th anniversary alumni party
Possible catered event at Kress Building or Magnolia Manor or WGHS or The Cardinal CC

Western Guilford High School class of 1976 30th reunion blog

This Blog is for communicating ideas and sharing information about the Western Guilford High School class of 1976 30th Reunion.