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Thursday, June 29, 2006

WGHS76 committee meeting #3

We had an address labeling party at Patti's last nite. Patti, Michelle, Jimmy, Andy and myself setup an assembly line at the kitchen table and labeled about 125 gold postcards to mail out to everybody that we had an address for. *Thanks Wendy, Randy and Kitty for the address labels and stamps.

We're still checking out a number of venues for hosting the big Saturday night event.

The email address is up and running.

When you get the gold postcard please use that address email to respond. We want to keep postage costs down. We wanna use eMail / Blog / Web site as much as possible for communicating.

More info to follow!

Monday, June 26, 2006

last minute tweaks to the post card to alumni

Well, there were some last minute augmentations to the text that will be on the postcard to alumni for the first announcement about the reunion.
Here's the text as it will go to press:
Western Guilford High School
Class of 1976
30th Reunion Announcement

October 20-21, 2006
Kickoff Event:
TAILGATE PARTY before Homecoming game
(more events information to follow)
Please let us know if you'd like to attend:
3937 Newport Court, High Point, NC 27265
Can you help us find lost alumni?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

WGHS76 Reunion possibilities

Mignon reminds us that the Clarion hotel at the intersection of I-40 and Guilford College/Jamestown Rd (Swing Road) gave us a deal for our Alumni event last time. We need to check that out for the 30th.

Can someone check out that hotel and secure a discount rate for our visiting alumni during our reunion weekend?

Randy Wilhoit, so far, is gonna bring up a JOHNSONVILLE vehicle, cooker, tent and a bunch of Brats, Weiners and Patties for the Friday nite Tailgate party. That's supposed to be an augmentation to the Bring Your Own TaliGate experience.

...How very Cool is that!!! Randy, please let us know about your latest adventures. And, we dig the addition to the Friday event!

Here's an interesting twist:
I've gotten some interest from some local musicians that wanna play at the Friday nite event. I'm working on getting Beaconwood to play for us. These guys have played at MerleFest. They're local boys. There's another group that wants to play for about 30 minutes but those details are in process.

That's it so far.

This reunion is starting to really feel cool!


p.s. I've got my iPod strapped on as I type this...Here's where it getting really cool...I'm listening to: BLUES IMAGE's song, RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE.

...Slow dancing at a Sock Hop in the old gym at the elementary school bring back memories???

feeling kinda old and tired,

WGHS76 Reunion Committee meeting Updates

The latest ideas are as follows:
Class reunion party - October 20 - 21 2006
Friday Night
5:30 - 7:30
Tailgate party at Ballinger Academy (across the street from WGHS)
All WGHS Alumni, family and friends welcome
9:30 - last call
The Revival Grille social event
Alumni only *(unless spouces, significant others that wanna hang as we go into the nitty gritty details of life as a teenager at WGHS in the '70's...Yes, you've been warned! Needless to say, somebody is gonna have a "Sweet Emotion" Aerosmith story or two to tell...)

Saturday day
...working on some ideas - can anybody add value by working out the details?
Another Golf Outing, Bowling, Luncheon, walker stroll around Four Seasons Mall (that was a joke, kids)

Saturday Night
We're remembering that we all liked the more low key event.
The committee is considering possible venues for an appropriate venue for our more formal Reunion meeting. Please let us know if you have any ideas for all us of getting together this 30th reunion.

We're working on getting a post card in the mail to every classmate that has a last known good mailing address.
Here's the text of the post card that will go out sometime this week...or so:

Western Guilford High School
Class of 1976
30th Reunion Announcement

When: October 21 - 22 2006
Beginning with a WGHS76 sponsored
TAILGATE PARTY at Ballinger Academy before Homecoming game
More information to follow
Please let us know if you'd like to attend
mail: WGHS76, 3937 Newport Court, High Point, NC 27265
Please help us find alumni by providing Address correction or email address

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Submission of our site to and general Updates

Information updates

Gaining exposure:
I just submitted a request to have our blog added to the list of local bloggers at http:\\
That site is a very active blog aggregator for local Triad bloggers. It'll take a week or so before my request to be processed. Check out the site regularly to see when our site gets added...Good local news and information content, too.

I'm in the process of completing something along the lines of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for local media to use to inform the public about our reunion event. I'll be able to get something off to WQFS 90.9 FM, Guilford College radio before the first broadcast of the PSA which I hope will be next Sunday morning on the "Sunday Morning Rehab show" from 10am - 12pm. Hosted by our own David Butler WGHS class of 1973.

Initial efforts to secure resources and sites for our reunion weekend:
I talked to some of the staff at The Revival Grille and it should be no problem to hold a social get-together of alumni after the ballgame at the Grille. I'll formalize getting the bar area and/or the banquet room reserved as soon as I can catch up with Todd or Mark. *Andy may have already secured the space. We'll sort this out by the end of the next meeting this coming Wednesday nite.

Suggestions, misc. updates, etc.:
Jay wants the blog to be a little brighter so that the words are easier to read.
Seems like a good idea. Working on that.

I'm working on creating a portable Windows Outlook email Distribution list of all of our contacts. ...what a drag that little task is but it'll bd good. I'll talk to Wendy about this. She may already have this done.

Jeff is suggesting that we contact a local hotel to see if we can get discount rate for out of town visiting alumni for the Homecoming weekend. Seems like a stellar idea. Also, seems like we did something like that last time. Anybody know how to do that and would be willing to take on that task?

That's about it for today.

Go hornets!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

RSS Feed for WGHS76 blog

By the way, if you use something like MyGoogle ( or an RSS Feeder you can get up to the minute info from the blog.

Just use this link to add to MyGoogle or your RSS Feeder:

Just having fun with the blog,

The Next WGHS76 committee meeting

Hi Alumni,

If you'd like to attend the next meeting, just let somebody that made it to the first meeting know.

We plan on meeting again at:

Patti (Pleasants) Boone's house
June 14 Wednesday evening
7:00pm - whenever we get done (usually about an hour or so)

Please Comment in this blog with your email address
just send one of us an email and we'll get you directions to Patti's house.

Go Hornets!

Monday, June 05, 2006

WGHS76 Reunion committe's first meeting

The following alumni for the Western Guilford High School class of 1976 met at Patti (Pleasants) Boone's house Sunday night June 4, 2006:
Patti Boone, Tommy Heldreth, Michelle Hunter, Andy Ralston-Asumendi, Charlie Heavner

We are planning to have a 30th reunion event the weekend of October 20-21, 2006.
Where: Greensboro, NC (near Western Guilford High School)
When: October 20 - 21, 2006

Tentative schedule of events

October 20, Friday night:

Pre-football game
BYOFandD Tail-gate party in the field of the Ballinger Academy next to WGHS.
(WGHS76 Alumni, family and other alumni invited)
Go to Alumni reserved seating at football stadium

Post-football game
meet at The Revival Grille for socializing on patio and banquet room
(Alumni only, from any year)

October 21, Saturday day/night:

Day - Golf outing at The Cardinal or Forest Oaks or To Be Determined course

Night - 30th anniversary alumni party
Possible catered event at Kress Building or Magnolia Manor or WGHS or The Cardinal CC

Western Guilford High School class of 1976 30th reunion blog

This Blog is for communicating ideas and sharing information about the Western Guilford High School class of 1976 30th Reunion.