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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mail in your money for the Reunion Events! WOW! it's getting close

Hey Patti, I'll give you my money at the next committee meeting.

That's a good point for the tri-fold mailer...asking for a count on how many guests/family will be attending the cook-out/tailgate party. I'll finish up the text for the mailer over the Labor day weekend.

Tommy is working on some text for the mailer that will go out for the Teacher invitation.

Also, I'm thinking about making up a logo or something like that for some T-shirts, ballcaps, etc. for our 30th reunion. I can create a CafePress storefront online like:

I'm looking into Zazzle, also. They make good T-shirts from personalized designs and have a quick turn around...usually 2 to 3 days, tops.

Anybody got any ideas for a catchy T-shirt?

WGHS Class of 1976
You had to be there
30th Reunion Party

...feeble attempt but you get the idea.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Announcement for our 30th high school reunion Oct.20-21 2006

Hi WGHS76 alumni,

Here's a quick update on the latest developments regarding our reunion
weekend of October 20-21:

There will be a tri-fold announcement mailed out in the next couple of
weeks with these details.

Hotel Accommodations
Out of Towner Alumni can get a room at the Clarion Hotel in Greensboro
on Swing Road right off Interstate 40 at the Guilford College exit.
Mention that you are a WGHS76 Alumni and you'll get our special rate of
$109.00 for a Single and $125.00 for a double.
Our event happens during the week of Furniture Market and A&T's
Homecoming so rooms will come at a premium. We got a great deal at the
Call them at: 336-299-7650 BEFORE September 21 to reserve your room.

Friday October 20
Friday evening event before the football game
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Ballinger Academy (next to WGHS)
Food and Drinks provided by the committee "featuring" Randy Wilhoit and
his fabulous Johnsonville Brats cooker.
We'll have:
Johnsonville Brats and hot dogs
buns, condiments and sodas
BYOB or anything harder
Live music provided by the High Strung Bluegrass band

*I know these guys and have heard them play and they're a lot of fun!

This is Homecoming weekend and I'm trying to get details on who we're
gonna Sting! on the gridiron ;-)

Please be prepared to pay your own way into the stadium.
However, we do think that we've got a section reserved for us.

Post-Game Activity
A gathering of the alumni at the Revival Grill from 9:30pm - 11:00pm.
Revival Grill is in the back of Quaker Village.
...OK, let me take you way back...the physical location used to be a
little post office and then it was a branch of Choosey Mothers Foosball
We've got the bar area at Revival Grill and the patio reserved for us.
Also, the High Strung Bluegrass band will be setup on the patio for
some acoustic "back porch" music.
This will be a great time to network with classmates, have a few
drinks, find out if she/he still has a thing for you or if it really
was just a high school crush...
The idea for this event is for Alumni to connect up again. If you wanna
bring a spouse or significant other, that's cool.

Saturday October 21
We're still working on getting a Golf outing together.
If anybody wants to help plan other Saturday morning/afternoon
activities just let any of us on the committee know and we'll get the
word out.

"The big event" Saturday Night October 21
The Clarion Hotel on Swing Road (real near Western)
Casual dress
...come on, this is our 30th, we just wanna hang out
6:00pm - 11:00pm
Register at the door to our banquet room
Social event: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Buffet Dinner: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
*huge salad arrangement for vegan/semi-vegans/meat eaters, and plenty
of beef and chicken
Announcements and recognition of our classmates: 8:00pm - 9:00pm
let's PARTY!!!: 9:00pm - 11:00pm
*We don't need no stinking DJ. It's an iPOD, some speakers and tons o'
70's music with splashes of other tunes during the evening.

Here's the catch. There's always a catch.
But, We've made it really EASY!
So, drum roll please...
Here's the deal,
If you wanna do this whole weekend event and I know you do...No Snakes
On This Plane!

You gotta pony up $40 per adult before September 30, 2006
After that date, send us $45 and you're still in!

Send us your money before the end of the first date and your name is
entered into a raffle for a Johnsonville Brats Gift Basket

Make your check out to:
And mail it to
3937 Newport Court
High Point, NC 27265

(That's Patti's house)

*NOTE: Would anybody like to pay via PayPal?
I can setup an account that will go into our Alumni Fund.

I think that's about it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

If you see that an alumni's email address hasn't been included please
let me know so that we can update the list.

WGHS76 Reunion Committee

p.s. This'll be up on the Blog and the Google Group
Google Group:

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I've created a GOOGLE Group for us, too.

That means that we have a much more dynamic way of communicating with alumni that have Internet email addresses. I've added the core group on the committee to the Google Group so that can receive email, for starters. We can expand that list as this progresses.

The idea being that I can update the BLOG and get an email out to everybody immediately. The Google Group can stand as a Chat Room / MailBot / Listserv (basically, we can post up our thoughts amongst any and all alumni that choose to join the Google Group and the chatter can carry on in the Google Group).

I'm just starting this tonite and it may sound a little confusing as I'm trying to whittle down the whole process so that it's efficient, timely and easy!

Here's an excerpt of what I just posted in the Google Group. You should have gotten an email from Google Group on this. It's late and I'll work out the details tomorrow if there are issues with this process.

Let me know if you got more than one email about the following...the idea is that you should have for this first test:

### LATEST information ###
The contracts have been signed for the Clarion!
We've got nine rooms at a great rate for Out Of Towners.
The banquet room for Saturday night has been secured.
I've got a line on 2 bands for Friday night.
One could be used for Saturday night.
Details to follow.