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Friday, September 29, 2006

Updated BEST fit Long Sleeve and Hoodie shirts and the classic black short sleeve

Here's the latest offering of memorabilia for our 30 year reunion!

This Hooded Sweatshirt is really nice. I'm picky about comfort and this one is the real deal; warm, cozy and shows class pride in style. Tommy bought the very first one.

Get your 30 year reunion shirt today and up to 17% of the proceeds go back to the reunion committee for future events.

Click on the links below to order your shirts today!

Here's the latest Gold long sleeve T-shirt with Black lettering.
Patti loved this one and bought the very first one. Very comfy.
This actually may be the shirt that we all could wear to the football game and show solidarity for the class of '76!

This one is my favorite. You just can't go wrong with a black short sleeve t-shirt. Guys look good in it, chicks dig it (did I just go there) and it just says proudly, Hey!, Yeah, I did the 70's...Sure, I don't remember most of it but if I did..then, I really wouldn't have been there; now, would I...come on, I mean, it was the 70' just had be there to get it...know what I mean.

Buy this t-shirt and show everyone that you're pretty darn sure that you lived through the greatest decade of the 20th century!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Golf outing during the reunion event weekend

*From Andy Ralston-Asumendi

Hi All,

I really need a good count of who is goint to play golf!

Below I have listed names I believe are playing or maybe playing. Please let me know if I have counted you and you are not going to play or if you are not on the list let me know that you ant to play. I need to get squared away with the course about how many tee off times we need.

We are playing at the course called Pleasant Ridge. It used to be Bel-Aire.

I hope to hear from some people soon. if you are just coming to hand out beer or clean balls in uniform let me know that too so I can arrange an additional cart!



Andy Ralston-Asumendi
Chris Burritt
Jean Lojko
Ken Mann
Karen Morgan & Husband
Tommy Waynick
Tommy Baker
David Blust
Tim Sapp
Randy Wilhoit

Nick Beeler?

Contact Andy Ralston-Asumendi for details

Monday, September 25, 2006

The next batch of shirts

I'm going to make the type a little smaller.
It seems to be a bit too large on the long sleeve and the sweatshirt. ...Not a problem. I'm gonna bring the 3 shirts to the committee meeting at Patti's this coming Wednesday nite. If anybody wants to buy them, I can sell them to you then.
The long sleeve and the sweatshirt are large size.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Buy This T-Shirt

So, this is what the large size "official" reunion T-Shirt looks like on little ole me.

Buy one and be the first on your block to show off that you graduated from high school back in the 20th Century ;-)*

I'll be a model for the Long Sleeve and the Hooded Sweatshirt in the next couple of days. ...Will anybody do an expose on the plight of middle aged men struggling to keep that runway figure for high school reunion fashion? ...I doubt it but I'll do my best to represent!

Maybe, I can get fellow classmates to model these shirts!!!

Jay, Dude...model the T-shirt in Boxers or Briefs?
...yeah, I went there; Jay, take the bait and run with it

Go Hornets! Charlie

*just in case you can't figure out who the heck this old classmate is:

p.s. if anybody has received this email as unsolicited and does not want to receive future emails regarding our event, please respond and I will delete you from our email distribution list.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Zazzle Shirts for the WGHS76 30 Year Reunion

Here are the latest shirts that are for sale from the reunion committee. A portion of the sell will go to the committee's reunion fund. Buy one of each and wear them during the weekend of events!

Click on the link below the shirt to make your purchase:

Go Hornets!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

re: Question about payment

A comment/question was posted on the Blog about payment for our reunion.

The committee hopes that everyone will attend all activities during our reunion weekend. However, we understand that it may not be possible for some alumni.

The flyer was setup to indicate that if you were coming to the Saturday nite event, $40 was the cost. If you can't make the Friday nite festivities, you still gotta pay $40 to get in Saturday nite.

Here's a breakdown on where your money's gonna go...

Here's the deal

The payment of $40 (please get it in before the end of September) pays for the following:

*The condiments that we'll be providing for anybody that wants to eat Johnsonville Brats and dogs Friday nite before the game. The Academy and it's facilities and the preparation of the Johnsonville "good eats" are free!

*The High Strung Bluegrass band that'll be playing before the game and after the game

*The banquet room Saturday nite

*The buffet dinner Saturday nite

*Miscellaneous overhead that the committee has incurred regarding materials for communications to the alumni and other office-type stuff required for bringing this whole thing off.


We're not asking anybody to pay anything if you're just gonna show up Friday nite.
If you wanna go to the Homecoming football game, you'll wanna cover the cost of your ticket. So far, we think that it's about $5.00.

So, if you're only gonna make the scene Friday nite, it would be great if you could chip in.

We figure that we can make a really great reunion experience without charging everybody and arm and a leg. $40 is the bare minimum funding for pulling this thing off.

We don't want anybody to decide not to come because they're confused about payment. Keep in contact and we'll clear it all up.

Does this info help?


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Having fun with the sounds of 1976

Poking fun at one of the best songs of 1976