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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Promoting works and goods of classmates

Stretching the limits of the WGHS76 Blog, today.

Here are some links to information about goods and/or works of fellow classmates:
Brad Spencer, Wendy Musser and Charlie Heavner

Brad's got some new projects going on and you can click on the link below to find out more:

Tammy and I are in the process of outfitting a coffee house-acoustic music-performance venue in one of our buildings next door to my studio/residence. We are still looking for a partner to run the coffee business but I believe it will happen. It will be a great place to invite friends on a regular basis.
Also, check out the new WalMart in Winston Salem to see Brad's latest brick art.
Also, he mentions to me that he has an interest in the Fringe Festival in Greensboro and one of the plays

This has been a good month in spite of not painting enough. The weather is breaking and soon it will be time to be out doors painting on a regular basis. But now, you have an opportunity to see a great art show.

I was accepted into the Raleigh Fine Arts 29th Annual Show that will be installed at the Meredith College Rotunda. The juror's lecture is Sunday, March the 4th at 2 pm at the NC Art Museum. The reception is from 3-5 at Meredith College. The show will be displayed until April 8th. It should be a very good one to check out.

Also, The Collectors gallery in downtown Raleigh - 323 Blake Street, 919-828-6500, continues to do a great job displaying my work. They currently have a featured section in the front of the gallery with a grouping of my paintings. If you have a chance to stop by, tell them I sent you.

Coming soon - I was invited to participate in a show honoring Conservation Trust for NC. That show begins April 22. I will send more info on that later.

Have a great Friday,
Wendy MusserSee my updated web site –

I'm selling a book about computer Security on Amazon.
Buy it, study, take the Security + exam and be an UberGeek that knows all about safe computing

If anybody else is doing stuff that they want other classmates to know about, send me an email and we'll work out the details of getting it into the Blog.