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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brad Spencer in Go! Triad


Be sure to check out this link for an outstanding article on renowned sculptor Brad Spencer, our esteemed classmate. We are incredibly proud of your accomplishments, Brad! This piece was written by my good friend, Joe Scott. Very impressive, guys!

Here is the link so that you can access the article:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Woodstock 1969 - 40th Anniversary

Where were you this week in 1969?
I remember it very well.
I was mesmerized by the pictures from Woodstock in Life magazine.
I was listening to Santana 45rpm recordings.

I've maintained a presence on the internet as a Santana fan for a number of years.
A European company is impressed with my Santana pages and offers up this Documentary for our consideration.

I recommend a new Documentary DVD about the Woodstock concert.

Check out this release from Wienerworld:

I'll have a review of this newly released Documentary in the coming days.
Lots of good Rock and Roll stuff happening this week.
1. Happy 100th Birthday to Leo Fender - the father of the Fender amplifier and guitar
2. Woodstock Arts and Music Fair - 1969 over 300,000 people attend