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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Woodstock 1969 - 40th Anniversary

Where were you this week in 1969?
I remember it very well.
I was mesmerized by the pictures from Woodstock in Life magazine.
I was listening to Santana 45rpm recordings.

I've maintained a presence on the internet as a Santana fan for a number of years.
A European company is impressed with my Santana pages and offers up this Documentary for our consideration.

I recommend a new Documentary DVD about the Woodstock concert.

Check out this release from Wienerworld:

I'll have a review of this newly released Documentary in the coming days.
Lots of good Rock and Roll stuff happening this week.
1. Happy 100th Birthday to Leo Fender - the father of the Fender amplifier and guitar
2. Woodstock Arts and Music Fair - 1969 over 300,000 people attend

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